Professional Aviation Maintenance Association Scholarship

Criteria for eligibility:
• Must be currently enrolled at or entering Tarrant County College.
• Must intend to pursue an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Aviation Maintenance Technology.
• Must have a minimum TCC GPA of 2.5 OR
• Must have a high school equivalent or a passing GED score if a first-time TCC student.
• Must enroll as a full-time student, up to a maximum of 17 credit hours, in the Aviation Maintenance Technology program, taking a full load per the flow of classes outlined by the Aviation Department.
• This scholarship will fund only AERM classes to include tuition, fees and textbooks plus the Federal Aviation Administration written examinations at the rate assessed for a Tarrant County resident, as calculated on an annual basis.
• Must be a legal resident of the United States (cannot complete FAA certification otherwise).
• Must not have been convicted, in the past calendar year, or be convicted while receiving scholarship funds, for a violation of any federal or state statutes pertaining to narcotic drugs, marijuana and depressants or stimulant drugs or substances.
• Must become a member of the Dallas/Fort Worth Chapter of the Professional Aviation Maintenance Association.
• Must attend a PAMA DFW Chapter meeting per semester or write an aviation- related maintenance report as coordinated with the chapter.
• Must complete one testimonial report before graduation that can be placed in the local and national newsletters.
• Preference given to applicants with a history of volunteerism.
• This is a merit-based scholarship and determination of financial need is not required.

Criteria for renewal:
• This scholarship is awarded for the duration of the program, if a minimum semester GPA of 2.5 is achieved and all courses are completed each semester.

DFW Professional Aviation Maintenance Association Scholarship Fund
Tuition, fees and textbooks for AERM classes, for up to 17 hours per fall and spring semesters