Bates Container Hardy Sanders Family Scholarship

Eligibility Criteria:

- Must be currently enrolled at or entering Tarrant County College with the intent to pursue an Associate degree or a Certificate of Completion with coursework in accounting, business, CAD, computer hardware technology, electronics and telecommunications technology, engineering technology, management and or sales.
- Must enroll in a minimum of 9 credit hours for period of award.
- Must have a minimum TCC GPA of 2.5 or high school equivalent if a first-time TCC student or a passing GED score.
- Must meet federal guidelines for financial need. Applicants must complete entire FAFSA process by May 1st.
- The donor favors volunteerism and other qualifications being equal, candidates with a history of volunteer activity will be preferred.
- Recipient will receive a spring scholarship if a minimum semester GPA of 2.75 is achieved in the horticulture curriculum in the fall and a minimum of 9 credit hours are completed.

Bates Container, Ltd.
$825 per semester