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Established a scholarship with Alliance Air Productions and Bell Helicopter, is in support of Tarrant County College students pursuing a Professional Helicopter Pilot Associate of Applied Science Degree. It is named for Walter A. “Dub” Blessing, a long-time Hillwood/Perot Family associate, who has worked closely with the family for over 30 years. Mr. Blessing’s rich and varied career, spanned more than 50 years, and has allowed him to amass over 14,000 certified flight instruction hours. A helicopter pilot and U.S. Marine Corps veteran, Mr. Blessing trained Ross Perot, Jr. to fly a helicopter, then supported him on the ground during the first round-the-world-helicopter flight in 1982. Hillwood names this scholarship in honor of Mr. Blessing.


This scholarship assists students in the Professional Pilot Program with the educational costs of pursuing a degree to achieve their educational dreams.